BOX DAY 2017

Dear Villagers,
We are busy preparing for the village Box Day event on Saturday 17th June at 3pm.
There will be the traditional fun and games, great story telling in the story yurt and music to dance to.
There will be food a plenty and we look forward to seeing yet more amazing cakes and treats created by you talented village folk.
Don’t forget if you can make something – anything for under a fiver, then bring it along and leave it in the marquee to be judged by our panel. There will be four aged categories, but no other restrictions as long as it didn’t cost more than a fiver to make and you made it in Oulton! So get creating and making, we look forward to seeing the results of you talented lot!
We could do with a little help serving refreshments in the marquee throughout the day. If you can spare a small amount of time to help out, it would be very much appreciated. If you can email Nicola on [email protected] to let us know, that would be great.
All we need now are you wonderful villagers to come along and the weather! What more could Oulton wish for? Oh – and don’t forget your BBQ food.
We really look forward to seeing you all there for a very special and unique village day.

The Nash and Poole families


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