OULTON PARISH COUNCIL Minutes from Tuesday 28th February 2017

  1. Present: Mr. Paul Killingback, Mrs. S. Mather, Mr. A. Nash, Ms. A. Shaw, Mr. A. Windross
 Apologies: Mr. G. Peck, Ms. S. Harrison

In attendance: Mr. D. Harrison, Norfolk County Councillor

  1. Minutes: The minutes of the meeting held on 24th January 2017 were approved and signed.
  1. Declarations of Interest: There were no Declarations of Interest
  1. Opportunities for Members of the Public to speak: Councillor David Harrison reported on County Council matters and said that the Council Tax increase would be 5% with 60% of that going to social services.
He had attended a meeting of Burgh Parish Council who were fighting the problems of tractors and trailers using the village to transport maize to the Scottow AD. He was reminded by members of the PC that this Council had worked hard to get the planning permission for an AD in Oulton rejected as the relentless traffic during harvest had been identified as one of a number of key issues. He was asked to express Oulton Parish Council’s sympathies and support for parishes who are now suffering from increased traffic due to the Scottow AD, probably as a result of the change of route from through Buxton/Lammas.
  1. Matters Arising from the Minutes: The Clerk would resend the letter to NCC relating to problems on the B.1354. Ms. Shaw would let the Clerk have details of whom to send the letter. NCC would also be asked to make some new grips on Oulton Street to improve drainage following a request from a resident of The Street.

Noticeboard: this had been damaged beyond repair by the recent storm Doris and a new one was needed urgently. In view of the significant cost this may be something to consider for a Grantscape grant.

Noise from Bernard Matthews: as suspected, the recent noise at night was coming from BM. Ms. Shaw had sent a message to Mr. Joll who, although no longer at BM will contact them to remind them of the planning conditions relating to deliveries at night. In due course, he will give the Parish Council contact names at BM.

New Clerk: two people had so far expressed an interest. The closing date for applications is the 31st March.

  1. Financial Matters: Four cheques were signed. To Indigo Waste for removing bottles from the bottle bank £12.00; to Mrs. J.H. Rogers for her half year’s salary of £320 plus £35.77 expenses; to Mr. A. Nash as reimbursement for paying Wickey GmbH. for a child’s swing in the playgound; to Norfolk Historic Buildings Trust for £80.00 being rent for the 8 meetings held during the year.

    Transparency Fund – it was proposed that a Grant application should be made to cover the cost of a laptop, software and a printer and scanner, as, in the interests of Data Protection, a dedicated laptop is now required for a Parish Clerk. This was being handled by Suffolk ALC. Members of the Parish Council agreed unanimously to this proposal.

  1. Planning Matters: There were no planning applications to hand.
  2. Grantscape: Parishioners had been invited to make suggestions. Ms Shaw had produced a summary of information received to date. She reminded members that it must be borne in mind that any project must be completed within six months of the grant being awarded.

Zoe Dunford had suggested that a path should be made along the Street to the playground. Although this was a commendable idea, it was felt that it would not be completed within six months bearing in mind negotiations would have to be made with both the National Trust and the tenant.

Chris Lambert had asked that the ‘gates’ with the speed limit be considered – similar to those in Edgefield. Unfortunately it was felt that this proposal was not within the grant parameters as it was something that a statutory body (i.e. NCC) would be responsible for and the PC would have to cover 50% of the cost (in the region of £3000) without grant aid.

Fiona Glenser had asked about the possibility of improving broadband. Again the PC felt this was not likely to meet the grant conditions. However, Mr Windross will investigate broadband improvements using the church tower once more – previous efforts by Stephen Jefford having been frustrated by the potential supplier.

Stephen Jefford had asked for the following to be looked into – further conservation to the Royal Coat of Arms, conservation of the Mothers’ Union banner and stabilising the fish mural in the church. It was doubtfull whether Grantscape would consider these ideas as they could be considered to be of a religious nature and appear to be excluded from grant aid.

Other suggested projects  that could be more successful were new noticeboards, (replacement one for The Street, and possibly two smaller ones elsewhere in the Parish) a portable generator for the marquee (thus providing greater flexibility when siting the marquee for events), a self composting lavatory for the church (bearing in mind this would help to make it a community space) and a fireproof storage cabinet for Parish Council records. (with the change of Clerk there is a large amount of historic records that need to be kept securely). Ms. Shaw agreed to draft application forms for those projects which were felt to have a reasonable chance of success.

It was also agreed to find out if Cawston PC are likely to persue any grant aided projects. It was noted that Mr Peck will contact them upon his return to the UK to find out.

  1. Moles: The Parish Council had received a letter from Norse pointing out the number of moleshills in the playground which could damage their cutting equipment and may be a hazard to people. The situation would be monitored and it was agreed that if necessary a pest controller will be hired.
  2. Any Other Business: It was noted that Dong Energy would be holding meetings at various places to discuss the wind farm and potential routing of the underground cables. The most relevant meeting to this Parish will be held on the 8th March at Corpusty Village Hall from 3.00 to 8.00.

The Clerk pointed out that documents would need to be stored safely and that it was unlikely that the new Clerk would have a suitable space. She suggested that the Chapel might be a suitable space as there was a lockable book cupboard. It was suggested that a fireproof container should be aquired (see 8 above).

It was noted that Box Day this year will be held on the 24th June.

  1. Date of the next meeting: This will be held on Tuesday 4th April 2017
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