Grantscape – Projects in our community

Oulton Parish Council would like to bring to your attention the attached flyer from Grantscape.

This provides information on applying for grants for eligible projects in our community following the completion of the first phase of the solar Farm in Oulton. You will note that there is a tight timeframe to make an application, and the Parish Council would encourage any interested parties to check the Grantscape website for the eligibility criteria before making an application. It would be very helpful if any applicants who do apply could also copy details to the Parish Council so that we are aware of projects that are important to our parishioners. The Parish Council will also be identifying potential projects for grant applications over the coming weeks and have been invited to be part of the review process with Grantscape and Cawston Parish Council, once all applications are in.

Solarcentury Flyer Oulton Jan 2017

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