Minutes (Unsigned) August 2016

MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF OULTON PARISH COUNCIL held at Oulton Congregational Chapel on Tuesday 2nd August 2016
1. Present: Mr. Paul Killingback, Mr. G. Peck, Ms. S. Harrison, Mrs. S. Mather, Ms. A Shaw, Mr. A Nash
Apologies: Ms. N. Poole
Also attending were 3 parishioners and 3 members of the Harrold family
2. Minutes: The minutes of the meeting held on the 21st June were signed and approved. Mrs. Mather’s name had been omitted from the previous minutes and would be added.
3. Declarations of Interest: Mr. Killingback, Mrs. Mather and Ms. Shaw declared a non-prejudicial interest in item 4.
4. Matters Arising: There was no further news about the bench near the pond. As far as the Chapel is concerned the National Trust are about to issue a lease on a piece of land adjoining the chapel.
5. Planning Application 20161115 Erection of Farm Office, Street Farm, The Street, Oulton. The Chairman adjourned the Parish Council meeting to give the applicants and members of the public the opportunity to comment. Mr. Christopher Harrold explained that the present office at Docking farm was only just adequate and was off-site and it would be more efficient to have the office at the hub of operations. He stated that this would not lead to an increase in traffic. The farm gateway near the pond would be opened every day for the use of the office staff, but the applicants stated that this gateway was often open in any case, especially at busy times in order to facilitate a one-way traffic system in the farmyard. Mr. Harrold thought, despite comments to the contrary, that this exit would have better visibility for HGVs and tractors. The new office building will cause the loss of the RAF building alongside the road but there was a feeling from parishioners that this building has heritage significance and should be retained. Mr. Harrold stated that the weighbridge was only for the farm and would not be a public weighbridge.
Mr. Lambert very much regretted the possible loss of the RAF building and asked that the applicant look at options to avoid destroying it.
The Chairman reopened the Parish Council meeting. The councillors felt that it was irrelevant that the RAF building was in disrepair and that the
Planning Officer should have known of its historic importance. Mr. Nash worried that the asbestos in the old building was an environmental risk. Councillors requested that a planning condition should be made that the pond gateway was to be used only as an entrance and not an exit. They also suggested there should be discreet downlighting and that (should the RAF building be demolished) the new office building be screened with a hedge. Councillors understood and accepted the need for an office on the site; however they objected to the plan as it stands and thought that the Planning Officer should reconsider, bearing in mind the historic interest of the RAF building. It was felt that there was enough space in the farmyard simply to re-position the new office a few metres back into the yard, thus obviating the need to demolish the RAF building.
On a motion to object to the application in its current form, there were 5 councillors in favour and 1 against.
6. Financial Matters: Two cheques were signed, one for £88.20 to Playsafety for inspecting the playground; the second to Indigo Waste for £19.20 for the collection of glass. The Clerk received £20 in cash from Mr. Dunford for two years’ allotment rent.
7. Any Other Business: Speed Limits: Mr. Lambert and Mr. Dunford had both mentioned that the speed limit in The Street was often ignored and suggested that the 30mph sign could be fixed to a white fence, similar to the one in Edgefield. The Chairman thought it was possible that we could apply to Broadland DC to take part in the Parish Partnership which would help to pay for a similar sign. He and Mrs. Mather would look into the matter.
The Clerk was asked to inform NCC Highways about bad potholes in Church Lane, on the bend near the Keeper’s Cottage in the Heydon Road and in New Road.
8. Date of the next meeting:This will be held on Tuesday 27th September.

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