AGM Minutes (Unsigned) May 2016

Minutes -May

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  1. Chris lambert says:

    I notice that the minutes of the meeting on the 10th May concluded by saying the village meeting followed.However ,I can see no minutes of that meeting.I am to conclude that they will follow? I personally made a number of points concerning possible measures that could be taken to potentially better protect the village from through traffic on Oulton Street and also my concern about the increase in heavy agricultural traffic and the fact that it continues from 0600 right through to midnight in the extended harvest season .My concern is that it might possibly increase further and become a 7 day a week 24 hour operation and the effect that may have on the quality of life in the village and potential damage to properties. Can I expect to recieve a formal reponse from the Parish Council as to how it may help address my concerns?

    • oultonpc says:

      Dear Chris,
      Many thanks for your comments.
      I’ve passed them onto the Chair, and Clerk of the Parish Council, who will reply in due course.

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