Minutes January (February Site Meeting)2016

1. Present: Mr. P. Killingback, Mr. G. Peck, Ms. S. Harrison, Mr. A. Nash, Mrs. S. Mather, Ms. N. Poole, Ms. A. Shaw
In attendance: Cllr. David Harrison
2. Declarations of Interest: There were no declarations of interest.
3. Minutes: The minutes of the meeting held on the 1st December were approved
and signed.
4. Matters Arising: (i) Ms. Poole had not yet set up the PC Gmail account but would do so.
(ii) Playground Maintenance: Mr. Nash would be starting shortly.
5. Cllr. David Harrison reported on various County Council matters and said there would possibly be a 3.9% increase in council tax.
6. Financial Matters: New audit arangements – the Parish Council voted unanimously to opt out of the new arrangement and to appoint their own auditor. The Clerk was asked to approach Donna Bennett to ask if she was prepared to act on our behalf. The Council felt that as Oulton was such a small parish with a small turnover they were not happy with the arrangements.
The precept was set at £2,300 as agreed at the previous meeting.
The Clerk reported that the sum of £653.26 was in the Box Day account with £3,291.17 in the Oulton Village Fund.
A cheque was signed for collection of glass from the glass bank by Indigo Waste Services Ltd. for the sum of £21.60.
7. Bottle Bank: The Clerk had received a payment of £123.33 from Norfolk County Council. The sum of £27.60 had been paid to Indigo Waste Services Ltd. of which £3.60 was VAT which would be reclaimed.
8. Any Other Business: Ms. Shaw reported that the Rural Community Association at Blickling had been wound up. There was a small sum of money available to be distributed between local parishes. She asked Parish Council members to think where the money could be used for some community activity.
The Clerk was asked to inform Andrew Dawson that the Parish Council were concerned that Malthouse Farm was empty and that Pear Tree is still empty. However, they were pleased to see that Green Farm Bungalow was occupied.
9. Date of the next meeting: This will be held on the 15th March with the AGM and Annual Village Meeting on the 10th May.
MINUTES OF A MEETING OF OULTON PARISH COUNCIL held at Oulton Hall on Saturday 20th February 2016
1. Present: Paul Killingback, Ms. S. Harrison, Mr. A. Nash, Mrs. S. Mather, Ms. A. Shaw
Apologies: Mr. G. Peck, Ms. N. Poole
2. Planning Application 20160167 – Stabilisation and Reconstruction of Roof Structure of Fire Damaged Peoperty (Listed Building), Oulton Hall, Hall Road, Oulton, NR11 6NU for Mr. Bolton Agnew.
The members of the Parish Council who attended the meeting with Bolton Agnew were able to learn a great deal about the progress so far. In addition a number of other important points regarding the care being taken to replicate previosly “lost” parts of the building were mentioned. Mr. Agnew also stated he is very keen to use local craftsmen and labour as much as possible.
The unanimous view of the members present was to support this application.

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