Solarcentury email correspondence 9th & 10th November 2015

Dear Residents,

Please see email string below, initiated by Solarcentury on 9th November, in which Ed Perrin  seeks to outline the likely course of the construction of Phase 1 of the solar farm.

As you will see,  the Parish Council sought further clarification and Solarcentury’s  response appears at the end.


Paul Killingback

Oulton Parish Council


9th November 2015

Dear Paul,
I wanted to contact you to let you know the timescales for development of Phase 1 of Oulton Airfield Solar Farm so you can disseminate this to residents.
At present, we are aiming to commence on site on 26th November.  Usually the first week will just be setting up the compound and marking out the site so we do not expect construction activity in the main to commence until the following week.
The large majority of deliveries to the site will be within the first few weeks of December and all deliveries will use the strict haul routes committed to within our construction traffic management plan coming south along The Street from the B1149.  Signs will be deployed at the site entrance to ensure all vehicles do not continue forward into Oulton Street.
In terms of the construction duration, the site will be fully constructed by week commencing 18th January where we have a committed connection date with UK Power Networks.
If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact myself or my colleague Oli (copied) in the first instance.  We will in turn pass your message on to the project manager.
In turn, we will do our best to keep you informed throughout construction of any important milestones to ensure that you are fully abreast of information if asked by local residents.
Kind regards
Ed Perrin
Project Developer
DD: +44 (0)207 549 1130 M: +44 (0)7823 354 062
Solarcentury, 50 Great Sutton St, London EC1V 0DF
T +44 (0)20 7549 1000

Sent: 10 November 2015 07:46

Subject: Re: Oulton Airfield – Phase 1 construction
Hi Ed,
Just considered your message in a bit more detail and I have a few points to make.
1. Think that you meant that the construction traffic will travel northwards from the B1149 and be prevented from going past the site entrance into The Street?
2. Your construction period is very tight. Please confirm what allowance for working has been made for the Christmas and New Year period. Normally I would expect construction sites to close for 2 weeks at this time. If this is not to be the case here I would wish to inform the residents of this. 
3. Regarding the construction plans and the Christmas period I think it would be appropriate, as a matter of courtesy, for you to directly contact the nearest affected resident (Railway Gatehouse) to confirm your plans. 
As the work will involve an element of piling to construct the frames I am concerned that any noise is kept to a minimum during the festive period. If working during the Christmas period is part of your plan then it will give the occupants of Railway Gatehouse an opportunity to make other arrangements.

Please let me have your comments,
Paul Killingback
Oulton Parish Council

Sent: Tuesday, November 10, 2015 9:11 AM
Subject: RE: Oulton Airfield – Phase 1 construction

Good morning Paul,
In response:
1)      Correct, apologies I meant traffic will come from the south.  No vehicles will pass through Oulton Street;
2)      A condition of our consent is that there will be no working on Sundays or public holidays.  However, outwith this, we will continue to work through the Christmas period in order to meet our connection dates.  Once the piling is completed, the main activity will be the erection of the framework structure.  This requires hand tools only so noise from the site will be limited to the movement of plant after piling has been completed;
3)      We are arranging for a letter to be sent to the occupants of the Railway Gatehouse to outline construction timescales and to provide a point of contact throughout the build.  As I’ve outlined above, we anticipate that any noisy works will be over by Christmas.  However, if there is any slip in our programme, we will of course make sure they are fully informed.
Kind regards
Ed Perrin
Project Developer
DD: +44 (0)207 549 1130 M: +44 (0)7823 354 062
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