Planning Update. Application No. 20150952

Dear Residents

Planning Update re: Application No. 20150952
PV Solar Array and associated works on 46 acres (18.7ha) of agricultural land to the west of Oulton Street.

As you may know, Oulton Parish Council submitted an objection to this proposal, on the grounds that it was an unjustified loss of good agricultural land.

However, at its September meeting, the Broadland District Council Planning Committee voted to Approve the application and so the scheme will go ahead.

The developer has indicated that they intend to commence the building of Phase 1 as soon as practicable and the Parish Council has been led to believe that Solarcentury will be in touch soon to discuss the management of construction traffic so as to minimise wherever possible the impact on residents. The construction period is likely to last for 8 weeks.

with best wishes,

Paul Killingback
Oulton Parish Council

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