Minutes May 2015

held on Tuesday 12th May 2015

1. Present: Mr. P. Killingback, Mrs. S. Harrison, Mrs. S. Mather, Mr. A. Nash, Mr. G. Peck, Ms. N. Poole, Ms. A. Shaw.

2. Minutes: The minutes of the meeting held on the 14th April were signed and approved.

3. Declarations of Interest: There were no declarations of interest.

4. Matters Arising: There were no matters arising.

5. Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman: It was proposed by Miss Shaw and seconded by Mr. Peck that Mr. Killingback should remain as Chairman. Mr. Killingback seconded by Ms. Poole proposed that Mr. Peck should remain as Vice Chairman. Both proposals were carried unanimously.

6. Co-option of New Member: It was proposed that Sue Harrison be invited to join the Parish Council. This was agreed unanimously and she signed her acceptance of office form. The Clerk handed her the form for registering interests which she would return to the Clerk when completed.

7. Declarations of Interest: All councillors signed a form which the Clerk would return to Broadland. They also signed a declaration of acceptance of office.

8. Financial Matters: There were no financial matters.

9. Any Other Business: Mr. Nash is dealing with the playground inspection.

12. Date of the next meeting: This will be held on Thursday 9th July.

The AGM was followed by the Annual Village Meeting.

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