Minutes April 2015

Minutes -April

1. Present: Mr. P. Killingback, Mrs. S. Mather, Mr. A. Nash, Mr. G. Peck, Ms. N. Poole, Ms. A. Shaw.
In attendance: Councillor Steve Riley, (BDC)
2. Minutes: The minutes of the meeting held on the the 24th February were approved and signed.
3. Declarations of Interest: There were no declarations of interest.
4. Matters Arising: (i) Church Lane and Hall Road: Members of the Parish Council had met Chris Mayes of NCC and Mr. Jim Agnew. Some patching has been done to Church Lane but there was still a gap between the edge of the concrete pad and the road surface. Mr. Agnew agreed to concrete this gap in. The reason that the size of the pad had been increased was that Mr. Agnew could no longer use the one at the top of Spa Lane as the electricity wires were too close and it was felt that this could be dangerous. As far as Hall Road was concerned, Mr. Agnew agreed to put some drains in the field above the lane and Chris Mayes said that the NCC will clear the existing drains and put two gulleys under the road. The Chairman would email Chris Mayes to remind him of this.
(ii) New signs had been put in place for the bottle bank with the change in companies. The clerk had received the forms for informing NCC of the weights of glass.
5. Councillor Riley reported that the BDC budget had been signed and there would be no rise in council tax for this financial year.
He also reported that there was still time for the appeal for the Aylsham AD tobe received.
6. Allotment: Mr. Nash had looked at the allotment and felt there was space for further allotments and maybe a small community orchard. The allotments would be publicised at the Annual Village Meeting in case anyone in the village didn’t know of their existence. The possibility of a community orchard would also be mentioned.
7. Planning Applications: There were no planning applications to hand.
8. Solar Farm: a request for a screening opinion for proposed photovoltaic panels and associated work on Oulton Airfield had been received from BDC. Members of the Parish Council had met on the proposed site and a letter had been sent to BDC setting out the Parish Council’s comments. Solarcentury, the developers will be holding a drop-in meeting during the day at Oulton Chapel and this will coincide with the Annual Village Meeting on the 12th May. It was suggested they should be given a
slot during the meeting but a representative will be available to be fully questioned in the afternoon, should parishioners wish to attend. A series of questions will be written out.
9. Financial Matters: The Clerk presented the annual accounts. These showed a balance on the 31st March of £2,58.55 with £3,278.80 in the Oulton Village Fund and £771.26 in the Box Day account. The accounting statements were approved as was the annual governance statement. The accounts would now be sent to the Internal Auditor for her approval before being sent to Mazars LLP who act as auditors. Three cheques were signed. To the Norfolk County Association of Local Councils for £83.52 the Parish Council’s subscription; to the Norfolk Historic Buildings Trust for £80 for 8 meetings held in the last financial year and to Zurich Municipal for £276.21 for the Parish Council’s insurance cover.
10. Annual Village Meeting: The date of the meeting has already been notified, being the 12th May. Helen Bailey of the National Trust has been invited and may attend; the Rev. Beane will attend. As mentioned above, a representative from Solarcentury will be present. Both the Historical Society and Box Day will have a slot. The Chairman will organise a flyer to go to all parishioners and a poster. The Clerk will organise the wine and soft drinks.
11. Any Other Business: The noticeboard in The Street either needs repairing or replacing. Mr. Nash will look at it and possibly make a second noticeboard.
The Clerk mentioned the fact that there should be a playground inspection. Mr. Nash will organise.
12. Date of the next meeting: This will be held on Tuesday 12th May and also the 30th June.

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