Cllr Susan Mather

IMG_2445Susan Mather.
Pasture Cottage,
The Street, Oulton
NR11 6AF.

Originally from Winchester in Hampshire I have lived in Oulton since 2012 having moved here from Lincolnshire. I was married for 30 years to Ian who sadly passed away six years ago and have two grown up children.
I have lived in various parts of the UK, both rural and urban locations and also lived abroad for a few years.
Apart from bringing up a family I have had several jobs which include being a Dental surgery assistant, a midday supervisory assistant (dinner lady!), a classroom assistant at a special needs school and a classroom assistant at a kindergarten whilst living abroad. I was once even a volunteer at a beach rescue service (in my youth!) on the Solent, which involved first aid, being on radios and lookout and cooking for the crew!
My hobbies are dancing, crafts and baking.

01263 735028
[email protected]

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