Comet Lovejoy spotted from Oulton dark night sky

David Jackson, an Oulton resident, has been looking skyward at the amazing sights that can be seen above on these dark nights. He took an amazing image on 18th January from Owl Observatory…(Monks cottage) and has provided a description of what it is you will be able to see and a very handy finder chart to help you look in the right direction. (Click on link Lovejoy2_BW below the image to access the finder chart.) Look south, high in the sky to the right of, and above the Plaiedes….then check the chart. Make the most of our amazing dark skies around Oulton to discover what’s out there! Thank you David.

The comet is named as C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy) , being one of several comets discovered by Lovejoy in Australia.
Best viewed through binoculars, and slowly fading now.
The green colour is due to diatomic carbon.
You will need dark skies free from light pollution to see the comet, which we have in Oulton, thankfully!

Comet Lovejoy 2015 Jan18Lovejoy2_BW

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