Minutes November 2014

held on Tuesday 18th November 2014

1. Present: Mr. P. Killingback, Mrs. S. Mather, Mr. A. Nash, Mr. G. Peck, Ms. N. Poole, Ms. A. Shaw.
In attendance: Councillor David Harrison (BDC & NCC)

2. Minutes: The minutes of the meeting held on the the 7th October were approved and signed.

3. Declarations of Interest: There were no declarations of interest.

4. Councillor David Harrison reported that the planning application for the AD at Aylsham would not be put to the Planning committee at its next meeting as there were possible problems with drainage into the river Bure.

5. Matters Arising: (i) Broadband – Sam Booker had been speaking to neighbouring parishes about Wispire and was pursuing different avenues including BT OpenReach.
(ii) NT Cottages – An answer had been received from Andrew Dawson stating that the cottages in Oulton would not be rented out as holiday cottages once they had been renovated.
(iii) Bottle Bank – the Chairman and Susan Mather had attended BDC’s Parish Forum where the new system of recycling was discussed. At present the glass is collected by Berryman’s on behalf of BDC who then pay each Parish Council once a service charge has been deducted. It would appear that Indigo pay a higher rate and would therefore seem to be a better option. The main question was would there be sufficient tonnage of glass to make it worthwhile for the Parish to run their own bottle banks and claim the money back from Indigo via Norfolk County Council. It was decided that parishioners should be asked to keep using the bottle bank rather than recycling glass through their own rubbish bins and and an email would be sent to each parishioner explaining that by using the bottle bank they could ensure that the parish precept is kept as low as possible. It was decided that initially the Parish should sign up to Indigo for a period of twelve months.

6. Planning Applications: There were no planning applications to hand.

7. Financial Matters: 1 cheque was signed for the poppy wreath for Remembrance Day £25 made out to Paul Killingback.
The Clerk had received the accounts back from Mr. Nash.
The Clerk presented a budget and on the basis of the budget it was decided unanimously that the precept should be kept at last year’s level of £2,300.

8. Date of the next meeting: This will be held on Tuesday 13th January.

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