Minutes from March 2014 Parish Council Meeting

For those of you looking for an update on PC matters, here are the minutes from the last Parish Council meeting held on 18th March 2014



held on Tuesday 18th March 2014


1.   Present:    Mr. P. Killingback,  Mr. S. Booker,  Mr. A. Nash, Mr. G. Peck, Ms. N. Poole, Ms. A. Shaw.

Apologies:    Mr. D. Harrison, Mr. S. Riley

In attendance:   Mr. Nigel Perring and Mr. Stephen-Molineux-Wilkes of Lumicity Ltd;  5 Oulton parishioners


2.    Declarations of Interest:   Mr. Killingback, Mr. Booker and Ms. Shaw declared an interest in the Planning Application 20140335 (Biomass Boilers for Bernard Matthews) as living nearest to the development but completed the application form for Dispensation.


3.   Minutes:    Minutes of the meeting held on the 11th February were approved and signed.


4.   Matters Arising:   Following on from the report that road near the Old Rectory was in a bad state, it was also mentioned that the section of Hall Road between Ship’s Cottage and the Church Farm crossroads was partially flooded and had very deep potholes.   The Clerk was asked to contact NCC and see whether anything could be done to remedy the matter.


5.   Planning Applications:  The formal response to the AD in Oulton Street had been made to the Planning Inspectorate and the hearing would take place on the 9th April.   Members of the public were invited to attend.

Application 20140266  for single storey side extension extension at Irmingland Hall – members of the Parish Council held a site meeting and voted to support the application.

Application 20140335 for 6 Biomass Boilers and Fuel Stores (Re-submission) at Oulton Airfield for Bernard Matthews Ltd.   The Chairman closed the Parish Council Meeting to give Mr. Nigel Perring MRICS and Mr. Stephen Molineux-Wilkes and opportunity to speak on behalf of Lumicity Ltd who would be installing the boilers and to take questions from the floor.   (See separate notes attached to these minutes).

The meeting was reconvened and it was felt that the position on emissions and traffic had been clarified.   A section 106 condition should be put in place to prevent Oulton Street from the Blickling Road being used for deliveries and the working hours should be 0830 to 1730 – there should be no night time deliveries.   This was put to the vote and unanimously agreed.


6.   Financial Matters: A cheque was signed for £326.00 to Mrs. J.H. Rogers being her half yearly salary of £320.00 plus £6.00 for stamps.


7.   Any Other Business:   (i)  Allotment – Simon Dunford had reported that brick rubble and corrugated iron sheets had suddenly appeared on their allotment.   The Parish Council knew nothing about this and it rather looked as if they had been flytipped.   The Chairman would investigate further.

(ii)   The Clerk reported that Blickling had lost its polling station.   Although there was no threat to the one at Oulton at the moment, it was possible it would be closed if insufficient people used it.

(iii)           World War I – The PCC were hoping to do something.   It was pointed out that grants of up to £500 were available from BDC.

(iv)           Stephen Jefford had asked the Clerk on behalf of the PCC if it were possible to share information on newcomers to the village.   The Parish Council saw no reason why this shouldn’t happen.

(v)   Ms. Shaw reported on the presentation in Aylsham Town Hall on a potential AD on the outskirts of Aylsham.   She had attended the meeting with other parishioners.   It would seem that if the AD went ahead there would have to be a right turn lane at the Banningham/A140 junction.  The AD would be the same size as that proposed for Oulton and would be on a site near the Police Station.   The presentation was on the basis that it was a consultation and not a formal planning application.


10.   Date  of the next Meetings:   This will be held on Tuesday 29th April 2014.

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