Anaerobic Digester Decision Appealed

We have now had the official confirmation from Broadland District Council (BDC) of an appeal by the applicant against the recent decision to refuse planning permission for the anaerobic digester on Oulton Airfield . A copy of the letter from BDC can be found at the link below and please note that the date for written representations is 13 March 2014.

Links to both BDC and the Planning Inspectorate are also included in the letter and you will see that even if you have previously made your views known to BDC (and these will have been passed to the Planning Inspectorate) you are able to make further comments to the Inspector via the planning portal, via e-mail or in writing. The Parish Council urge you to make your comments to the Inspectorate as soon as possible.

You may also receive a similar letter addressed to you personally from BDC.

Notification of Appeal


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