held on Tuesday 12th November 2013

1. Present: Mr. P. Killingback, Mr. S. Booker, Mr. R. Bryan, Mr. A. Nash, Mr. N. Poole, Ms. A. Shaw.

Apologies: Mr. G. Peck, Mr. S. Riley.

In attendance: Mr. D. Harrison, PCSO Brian Levy

2. Co-option of New Member: Mr. Nash was co-opted onto the Parish Council and welcomed by the Chairman.

3. Declarations of Interest: Mr. Booker and Ms. Poole declared in an interest in Item 6 Planning Applications.

4. Minutes: Minutes of the meeting held on the 3rd October were approved and signed.

5. Matters Arising:

(i) Night time deliveries at Bernard Matthews – as far as everyone know, there had been no further night time deliveries after Ms. Shaw had spoken to personnel at Bernard Matthews.

(ii) Bottle Bank – BDC were instigating a new system of collecting glass which would mean it was collected on the doorstep. However Parishes could keep their bottle bank if they wished to and BDC were prepared to help those parishes who wanted to. Parishioners would have to be encouraged to use the bottle bank rather than the doorstep collections bearing in mind that a considerable sum was raised every year for the Parish.

6. Planning Applications:

(i) Application 20130860 Biomass Renewable Energy Facility, Oulton Airfield. The Chairman reported that members of the Parish Council had attended the BDC Planning Committee. Planning permission had been refused and the Committee had voted 11 to 3 against the application.

(ii) Application 20131126 Six Biomass Boilers with Fuel Stores for Bernard Matthews. The application had been withdrawn.

(iii) Application 20131524 Addition of first floor to existing rear extension on residence, with dormer windows to north side and expansion of entrance lobby at ground floor at The Pightle, 111-112 The Street for Mr. Sam Booker. Mr. Booker left the room while this application was discussed. The Parish Council unanimously agreed to support the application.

(iv) Application 20131567 Single storey porch and side extensions at Avalon Way, Heydon Road, Oulton for Mr. & Mrs. Poole. Mrs. Poole left the room while this application was discussed. The Parish Council unanimously agreed to support this application.

6. Financial Matters: The following cheques were signed:

to Mr. P. Killingback for supplying the wreath for Remembrance Day – £25.

to Mrs. J.H. Rogers for half year’s salary of £320 plus £75.36 expenses.

The Clerk had allowed the Council’s bank balance to go into overdraft. She had therefore deducted the sum of £30.38 from her salary and expenses cheque.

It was noted that there was a total of £778.01 in the Box Day Account and £3,268.13 in Oulton Village Fund.

Norse had sent a letter with the price for the 2014 maintenance contract for the playing field. This amounted to £274.59 (ex VAT) an increase of £4.86 on last year’s contract. This will be year 3 of 5 years of the contract.

The Clerk will present the budget at the next meeting.

7. Police Report: PCSO Levy attended the meeting. He was asked if it would be possible to have the road traffic accident figures for roads in the Parish. He said he would try and extract them. There has been no crimes registered with the police for some considerable time. The Chairman thanked him for attending the meeting.

8. Councillor David Harrison reported on the incinerator project. The County Council had voted 40 to 38 to go ahead with the project and are now waiting for the Secretary of State to give his decision. He also reported on the partnership plan between the County Council and Parishes. The County will provide 50% funding for schemes involving footpaths, etc. Bids need to be with the County Council before the end of January.

9. Annual Parish Meeting with BDC: The Chairman and Ms. Shaw attended the meeting and heard various presentations, none of which particular affect this parish. BDC confirmed that there would be a reduction in the grant received from Government which would mean further cuts and savings.

10. Any Other Business: Stephen Jefford had asked if the Parish Council would support the Church’s application to the Heritage Lottery Grant. The Chairman would get more details from Mr. Jefford of exactly what the PCC intended. The Parish Council agreed to support the application in principle

Mr. Bryan handed his letter resigning from the Parish Council to the Chairman. He was thanked for his service of 8 years, both as a member and a Chairman. The Clerk would inform BDC.

1914/18 War Memorial – The Chairman suggested that the Parish should take part in some way in remembering the Great War and asked councillors to think of possibilities. Maybe something could be organised for Box Day. A list had been found of men from Oulton who had died with their service records. The Clerk would send it out with these minutes.

10. Date of the next Meetings: This will be held on Tuesday 7th January 2014.

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