R.A.F. 100 Group Veterans Tea Party

Chris & teapot

On Saturday 11th May,Oulton again saw the return of  R.A.F 100 group veterans and their families.


Gerhard Heilig

Although they are getting  fewer in number and  most of them now in their nineties, they were just as determined as ever to make the journey back to what was once their temporary home nearly 70 years ago.


John Stubbington & Bob Belton






Thanks to the people of Oulton the village marquee erected in Richard and Sue Bryan’s garden  was as usual  magnificent, decorated with the villages own hand made bunting.


Soon the marquee was full and around 80 people sat down to home made cakes,scones and sandwiches .In the words of one guest “a magnificent spread of which I’ve previously read only in Billy Bunter books! “.

Lilie & Fred Elliott

Fred Elliot with Lilie & Stuart


Cups of tea served in vintage crockery flowed along with the conversation.

Andrew Barron

Andrew Barron




Each of the veterans were introduced and spontaneous applause followed.


We all then made our way down to the memorial to be together again, this time to remember all those who did not  return home.

Carol ann reading

Carolann & Gerhard Heilig

Readings were from Carolann Killingback, Gerhard Heilig and Phil James.


Phil James




The last post and reveille was beautifully played by Charlie Jefford whilst the Group Standard was lowered and raised after 2 minutes silence in quiet remembrance.

John (Paddy) Gilpin layed flowers on behalf of the association and Sue Bryan on behalf of the village.




306 personal and 56 aircraft from Bomber Command were lost and  destroyed  between 1940-1945 whilst serving at Oulton.

We will remember them.

Many thanks to all those involved.


Chris Lambert

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