Proposed Community Wind Turbine – Oulton

Bernard Matthews Wind Energy Co-operative Ltd are proposing to site a single 80m wind turbine on their turkey farm site.

Whilst a formal planning application has yet to be made, Oulton Parish Council has set up a sub committee, chaired by myself, to consult with all interested parties on this proposal.

As part of this process, a public meeting for all parishioners will be arranged as soon as practical in order for the details to be shared with them and will involve Bernard Matthews, Energy4All and Broadland District Council planning representatives.

In the meantime I would be grateful to receive any comments on this proposal from parishioners, either by phone or e-mail so that the whole Parish Council can determine the level of support that such a development might have.

Thank you

Paul Killingback

Vice Chairman

Oulton Parish Council

01263 735139

[email protected]


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2 Responses to Proposed Community Wind Turbine – Oulton

  1. greg rowe says:

    Dear Sirs,
    As an Oulton parishioner (Upper Farm Oulton NR11 6NT) I am appalled by Bernard Matthews’ arbitrary destruction of 300 plus trees in Blickling – this anti-social act brazenly preempts planning consent for their wind turbine application. Why? Could it be that importing and factory farming turkeys is no longer commercially viable? Is it their passionate concern for the environment? I doubt it. This wanton act of vandalism supports my opinion that their motivation is the prospect of easy (guaranteed) profit from the generous government subsidies available (at the tax payers’ expense)? How could it be otherwise? Promoting environmental projects, whilst at the same time destroying 300 + trees is clearly a contradiction. Without the subsidy I doubt they would be so keen to be involved in renewable energy projects.
    Yours faithfully,
    Greg Rowe
    Upper Farm

    • oultonpc says:

      Dear Mr Rowe
      Many thanks for your letter which has been published on the website under the title heading ‘Proposed Community Wind Turbine’ to which it was submitted.

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