Box Day 2012

The rain stayed away, there were even a few rays of sunshine when the residents of Oulton with many relatives and friends gathered for their annual celebration of Box Day.

The playing field thronged with children for the games and races which started the afternoon.  We were delighted that John Morgan had been persuaded to return to take control of proceedings.

Line-up for the Oulton Derby

A well balanced race

Other events included the arrival of the local fire team with their splendid fire engine.

The firemen later joined the children to form an unbeatable tug-of-war team


The celebrated Madam Loadaballinga was there to tell fortunes, a fabulous Yarnsmith to recount stories and a team of face-painters to make the children look even more frightening.  Several villagers were resplendent in their Crazy Crowns.

Thanks to all those who contributed cakes for the very splendid teas, and to those who helped in all the preparations for the event.  The rain held off just long enough for the traditional musing upon life around Jonathan’s magnificent fire.

Tea time

The day was in every way a great success, and Antonia, Kim and Lesley are to be heartily congratulated.  I am delighted to say that they will be back again organising next year’s event.

Photographs by Ivan Thompson

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