Dog Walking

Now that there are cattle in the field bordering The Street, dog walking is no longer possible there.  However Christopher Harrold and John Gay have very kindly agreed that dogs may be walked on ‘The Loop’ in Church Road provided that they are kept under control – on a lead if necessary – and that owners pick up their mess.  We are grateful to them both.

During the winter months Mr Harrold has said that he is a happy to allow villagers to exercise their dogs in the Oulton Street field between the Textile Studio and the pond, on the following conditions.

1. The area is used only when there are no cattle present.  This is likely to be November to end of March.

2. Only the eastern half, adjacent to the road, is used.

3. All dog mess MUST be picked up, as there are cattle health implications with it being left.

4. Walking is kept to the perimeter of the field.

5. Access to be via the gate at the “layby”

This consent may be revoked by the Harrolds at any time, so it is in the interests of those using it ensure they abide by the points listed above.

We are very grateful to Christopher Harrold for this, and do ask those using the field for dog walking to adhere to the above conditions.


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