Cllr Alison Shaw

Alison Shaw,
1 Hodges Row,
The Street,
NR11 6AF

Tel: 01263 735292
[email protected]
Alison has lived in Oulton Street since 1980 and has been on the Parish Council since 1983, for fourteen of those years as Chair. She now occupies the role of old codger in the corner, who is occasionally woken up to pronounce upon the details of planning applications passed during the Dark Ages. She worked actively for the provision of a playground in the parish and was a founder member of The Rural Community Association at Blickling.

Jonathan and Alison have brought up their two boys in The Street and still work there on their micro-holding, growing vegetables and keeping goats, chickens and (sometimes) turkeys.
Alison teaches children with special educational needs and challenging behaviour, and is a Trustee of Asperger East Anglia.

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