RAF to return to Oulton and Blickling!

Dear Residents,

This afternoon I had a very interesting telephone call from a Flt Lt Baldwin 18(B) Sqn, RAF Odiham.

He informed me that representatives of the above squadron will be laying a wreath at the RAF memorial in Oulton at 09.00 on 11th November. This event is prior to a much larger Remembrance Parade in front of Blickling Hall from 10.00 until 11.05. The Squadron will then move to Blickling Church for a brief laying-up service for the retired Squadron Standard, which is to remain in Blickling Church.

The smaller event at Oulton is part of their 70th squadron anniversary and is important as they were based at Oulton during the war. I have been told that the Squadron Commander, Wg Cdr Glenn Cole would love to see as many members of the local community as possible. You are therefore invited to join us in attending this symbolic event.

This event is in addition to the usual village service, organised by Chris Lambert, at the memorial on Remembrance Sunday 13th, at 10.45, to which you are also invited to attend. As a village with a real reminder of wartime sacrifice around us, I feel that this event and others like it remains an important point in the yearly life of the village. I would urge to to try and attend one or both of these events.

Thank you.
Paul Killingback
Oulton Parish Council

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Meeting of Oulton Parish Council Congregational Chapel on Tuesday 8th November at 8.00 pm

Meeting of Oulton Parish Council Congregational Chapel on Tuesday 8th November at 8.00 pm

Clerk: Mrs. J.H. Rogers, Elmerdale Farmhouse, Oulton, Norfolk NR11 7DF.
Telephone: 01263 584177
Email: oultonpc@gmail.com
A Meeting of Oulton Parish Council will be held at the Congregational Chapel on Tuesday 8th November at 8.00 pm


1. Apologies
2. Co-option of new member
3. Opportunity for members of the public to speak
4. Declaration of Interests
5. Minutes of the meeting held on 27th September and 15th October
6. Matters Arising
7. Financial Matters
8. Any planning matters to hand including:

  • Non material amendment to the Solar Park regarding grazing
  • National Trust Pay and Display Charges

9. Any other business
10. Date of the next Meeting

J.H. Rogers,

Clerk to the Parish Council

2nd November 2016
All are welcome to attend the meeting

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Minutes (Unsigned) August 2016

MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF OULTON PARISH COUNCIL held at Oulton Congregational Chapel on Tuesday 2nd August 2016
1. Present: Mr. Paul Killingback, Mr. G. Peck, Ms. S. Harrison, Mrs. S. Mather, Ms. A Shaw, Mr. A Nash
Apologies: Ms. N. Poole
Also attending were 3 parishioners and 3 members of the Harrold family
2. Minutes: The minutes of the meeting held on the 21st June were signed and approved. Mrs. Mather’s name had been omitted from the previous minutes and would be added.
3. Declarations of Interest: Mr. Killingback, Mrs. Mather and Ms. Shaw declared a non-prejudicial interest in item 4.
4. Matters Arising: There was no further news about the bench near the pond. As far as the Chapel is concerned the National Trust are about to issue a lease on a piece of land adjoining the chapel.
5. Planning Application 20161115 Erection of Farm Office, Street Farm, The Street, Oulton. The Chairman adjourned the Parish Council meeting to give the applicants and members of the public the opportunity to comment. Mr. Christopher Harrold explained that the present office at Docking farm was only just adequate and was off-site and it would be more efficient to have the office at the hub of operations. He stated that this would not lead to an increase in traffic. The farm gateway near the pond would be opened every day for the use of the office staff, but the applicants stated that this gateway was often open in any case, especially at busy times in order to facilitate a one-way traffic system in the farmyard. Mr. Harrold thought, despite comments to the contrary, that this exit would have better visibility for HGVs and tractors. The new office building will cause the loss of the RAF building alongside the road but there was a feeling from parishioners that this building has heritage significance and should be retained. Mr. Harrold stated that the weighbridge was only for the farm and would not be a public weighbridge.
Mr. Lambert very much regretted the possible loss of the RAF building and asked that the applicant look at options to avoid destroying it.
The Chairman reopened the Parish Council meeting. The councillors felt that it was irrelevant that the RAF building was in disrepair and that the
Planning Officer should have known of its historic importance. Mr. Nash worried that the asbestos in the old building was an environmental risk. Councillors requested that a planning condition should be made that the pond gateway was to be used only as an entrance and not an exit. They also suggested there should be discreet downlighting and that (should the RAF building be demolished) the new office building be screened with a hedge. Councillors understood and accepted the need for an office on the site; however they objected to the plan as it stands and thought that the Planning Officer should reconsider, bearing in mind the historic interest of the RAF building. It was felt that there was enough space in the farmyard simply to re-position the new office a few metres back into the yard, thus obviating the need to demolish the RAF building.
On a motion to object to the application in its current form, there were 5 councillors in favour and 1 against.
6. Financial Matters: Two cheques were signed, one for £88.20 to Playsafety for inspecting the playground; the second to Indigo Waste for £19.20 for the collection of glass. The Clerk received £20 in cash from Mr. Dunford for two years’ allotment rent.
7. Any Other Business: Speed Limits: Mr. Lambert and Mr. Dunford had both mentioned that the speed limit in The Street was often ignored and suggested that the 30mph sign could be fixed to a white fence, similar to the one in Edgefield. The Chairman thought it was possible that we could apply to Broadland DC to take part in the Parish Partnership which would help to pay for a similar sign. He and Mrs. Mather would look into the matter.
The Clerk was asked to inform NCC Highways about bad potholes in Church Lane, on the bend near the Keeper’s Cottage in the Heydon Road and in New Road.
8. Date of the next meeting:This will be held on Tuesday 27th September.

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Agenda September 2016

Clerk: Mrs. J.H. Rogers,
Elmerdale Farmhouse, Oulton, Norfolk NR11 7DF. Telephone: 01263 584177
Email: oultonpc@gmail.com
A Meeting of Oulton Parish Council will be held at
the Congregational Chapel on Tuesday 27th September at 8.00 pm
1. Apologies
2. Declaration of Interests
3. Minutes of the meeting held on 2nd August
4. Matters Arising
5. Planning Application number 20161485 Installation of five Pay and Display Machines in the Main Car Park and new Machines in the Fisherman’s Bucks Common
and Woodgate Car Parks.
6. Financial Matters
7. Footpaths
8. Parish Partnership
9. Polling station
10. Any other business
11. Date of the next Meeting
J.H. Rogers,
Clerk to the Parish Council
All are welcome to attend the meeting
15th September 2016

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July Church Update

Church Fete Sunday August 28th from 2pmRecreation Ground

Any help gratefully received, Cakes etc..liaise Sue Hall or Karen Phelps.


A Service of Thanksgiving for the restoration work at The Parish Church of SS Peter & Paul, Oulton
3.30pm Sunday 18th September
Led by Bishop of Lynn, with choir from Gresham’s School, refreshments to follow.

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Minutes (unsigned) June 2016

Minutes -June

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Agenda August 2016


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Planning Application 20161115

Planning Application 20161115

Demolition of 2 existing buildings, Erection of Farm Office, Street Farm, Oulton.

Responses to Broadland District Council by 24th July

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Devolution Consultation

08 July 2016

Devolution consultation starts today

From today (Friday 8 July) people across Norfolk and Suffolk are being asked for their views on a proposed devolution deal and associated governance arrangements for the two counties.

Devolution would see the transfer of certain decision-making powers and funding down from Central Government to a local area. It would result in decisions taken close to where they have an effect.

The majority of councils across Norfolk and Suffolk, along with the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, supported the deal and agreed to ask the public for their views.

Consultation will run for seven weeks, until 23 August.

As part of the consultation, people are being asked for their views on more decisions being taken locally, rather than at central government. They will be asked if they support the creation of a combined authority chaired by a mayor for the two counties, how decisions should be taken and how a combined authority and mayor should be held to account for the decisions they take.

People can have their say by visiting www.eastangliadevo.co.uk and completing the online survey or the hard copy version. The website also includes further information about the proposed deal and the role of the proposed Combined Authority and Mayor.

In addition, Ipsos-Mori will also be carrying out more than 3000 phone surveys across the two counties to ensure decision makers have a representative sample of views.

Councillor Cliff Jordan, Leader of Norfolk County Council said: “Politicians have been talking about devolution for long enough so now is a chance for the people of Norfolk to have their say.

“This devolution deal could lead to something bigger. There’s more funding for services at a time when there isn’t going to be much money coming out of Whitehall. It is now up to the public to decide whether they want a mayor for a combined authority.

“I want to hear from the people of Norfolk about how they feel about decisions being taken closer to home rather than in Whitehall, and what they think of the deal that’s on offer.”

Andy Wood, Independent Chair of the East Anglia Leaders Group said:

“With majority support across Norfolk and Suffolk and complete support across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough it is right that communities now have the opportunity to have their say on devolution proposals for East Anglia.

“Norfolk and Suffolk has one of the best potential settlements in the country, offering £130m over five years for housing and £25m a year (for 30 years) to increase jobs, provide better infrastructure and drive growth in local businesses and the economy.

“I would encourage communities to give their views in the consultation so councils and the Secretary of State can take an informed view later in the year.”

Views from public consultation will be reported to the Secretary of State for him to consider ahead of any decision to create a combined authority or arrangements are made for mayoral elections, which would take place in May 2017.

Following publication of the original deal in March 2016 negotiations with Government have seen the funding on offer increase for both housing and infrastructure.

Discussions also led to a proposal to have two deals (Norfolk/Suffolk and Cambridgeshire/Peterborough), which council leaders and LEPs believe is the best way to get the most benefit for the people, places and businesses across East Anglia. However, there would be joint working across East Anglia to improve transport and other infrastructure.

Key elements of proposed Norfolk/Suffolk deal are:
£25m funding each year for the next 30 years (£750m) to support economic growth, development of local infrastructure and jobs (this will increase the local economy to £43bn and create 95,000 jobs by 2026)
£130m investment over five years to support the building of new homes across Norfolk and Suffolk
Over the lifetime of the deal around 200,000 homes could be delivered
Control of a £225m guaranteed transport budget for the next four years
Control of an existing c£20m annual adult skills fund to ensure the training offer matches the needs of local businesses and the local labour market
Control of an existing c£2m annual Apprenticeship Grant for employers
The deal would have a Combined Authority and a Directly Elected Mayor. The Combined Authority would decide the most effective and efficient level to deliver services to ensure the best possible outcomes for communities.
About the Combined Authority (CA)
The CA would be made up of an elected member from all of the councils across Norfolk and Suffolk who have signed the deal.
The CA would not replace any existing council.
Councils would continue as they currently do, to provide services for their areas.

About the Mayor
The Mayor would be elected by residents in the council areas that have voted to approve devolution.
The Mayor would not be able to make decisions alone and would require the support of a certain number of members on the CA to progress their proposals.
Existing Mayors across Norfolk and Suffolk would not be affected.
Locally, the Mayor would be held to account by voters (elections every four years).
There would also be an Audit Committee and an Overview and Scrutiny Committee to review spending and decision making respectively.

Notes to editors

Those areas that approved the proposed Devolution deal are:

All Suffolk borough, district and county councils
New Anglia LEP
Norfolk County Council
Broadland District Council
King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
South Norfolk District Council

For political comment
Cllr Cliff Jordan, Leader of the Conservative Group and Leader of the Council, on 01362 820422
Cllr George Nobbs, Leader of the Labour Group, on 01603 222936
Cllr Toby Coke, Leader of the UKIP Group, on 07717 881289
Cllr Marie Strong, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, on 07920 286597
Cllr Richard Bearman, Leader of the Green Party Group, on 01603 504124

For further information please contact:
Media Team at Norfolk County Council
Tel: 01603 228888
Email: pressoffice@norfolk.gov.uk

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Agenda June 2016

Clerk: Mrs. J.H. Rogers,
Elmerdale Farmhouse, Oulton, Norfolk NR11 7DF.
Telephone: 01263 584177
Email: oultonpc@gmail.com

A Meeting of Oulton Parish Council will be held at
the Congregational Chapel on Tuesday 21st June at 8.00 pm.


1. Apologies

2. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 10th May 2016

3. Declaration of Interests

4. Matters Arising

5. Planning Applications including 20160982 for the construction of the multi-use trail within Blickling Park

6. Financial Matters

7. Any other business

8. Date of the next Meeting

J.H. Rogers,
Clerk to the Parish Council 15th June 2016

All are welcome to attend the meeting

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