Some background and contact details for Cllr Andrew Windross

The following has been sent into the Oulton Parish Council website from Andrew Windross.

Andy Windross, Clare Cottage, Itteringham Road, NR11 6NX. Phone 01263 587193 (

I and Sue my wife moved into Oulton four and a half years ago when we retired from a frenetic life in London.

I worked as a priest – prebendary at St. Pauls Cathedral – Sue was a headteacher in Hackney.

In addition to working as a parish priest for thirty eight years I served as a local Hackney Councillor and as Chair of the Homerton University Foundation Trust Hospital.

Moving from London has meant that there has been a steady flow of visitors – family and friends coming to stay and enjoy community life here in Oulton.

I have enjoyed fishing, walking and getting to know other residents in my corner of the parish together with sailing a little further away at Morston. As part of the Aylsham team of clergy I preside and preach on a regular basis in Oulton, Heydon and Aylsham churches.

I look forward with much hope to a long and enjoyable time here in Oulton.

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Norfolk County Council-Get prepared ahead of predicted wintry and stormy weather in Norfolk

Norfolk County Council Weather

11 January 2017

Get prepared ahead of predicted wintry and stormy weather in Norfolk

Photos of Norfolk County Council gritter trucks are available to download via the link at the bottom of the press release.

Norfolk County Council is encouraging people to keep a close eye on the weather forecast over the next few days and be ready to react, as stormy and wintry weather is expected to arrive in the county from tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon.

The Met Office is warning that the east of England including most parts of Norfolk could get some snow between tomorrow and Saturday, with a chance of it settling and causing disruption to travel.

In addition to the prospect of snow, strong winds and low temperatures are also forecast over the next few days, with wind chill making it feel even colder. Road surface temperatures are due to dip below freezing on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night and therefore any rain or wintry showers that fall are likely to freeze, which could lead to icy roads, pavements and cycle paths and make journeys treacherous.

Norfolk County Council’s gritting teams are going out at 7pm tonight (Wednesday) on all usual county gritting routes and are standing by to go out again at 3am if necessary as road surface temperatures are due to fall to around freezing across Norfolk overnight, with rain and sleet likely tomorrow. The gritters are ready to go out as often as required over the next few days.

The County Council currently has around 13,000 tonnes of salt stocked in the county. This is replenished throughout the winter as needed through a long-term contract the council has with its supplier Compass Minerals.

More than a third of Norfolk’s roads totalling over 2,000 miles are on the council’s 49 regular gritting routes, including all A and B-class roads and some C-class roads, and each route takes around three hours for a gritter lorry to treat. The A11, A47 and A12 are gritted by Highways England.

People can check which roads are on the council’s gritting routes by looking at the map at On the same map people can find the locations of the more than 1,800 grit bins in the county that are filled by the County Council and which people can use on public pavements, cycle paths and roads.

The specially formulated salt used to treat roads in Norfolk works by reducing the freezing point of water on the surface. However, even when roads are treated there is no guarantee they will be completely clear of ice or snow, and with a mix of wintry showers forecast over the next few days, some salt that is spread may be washed off the roads.

Martin Wilby, Chairman of Norfolk County Council’s Environment, Development and Transport Committee, said: “Conditions over the next few days are likely to make everyday life more difficult for lots of people in Norfolk. Our highways team are well-practised at dealing with icy and snowy weather and they will work around the clock if needed to keep the roads on our gritting routes as safe as possible, but people should still be prepared for potentially hazardous travel conditions.

“I would urge everyone to keep up to date with the latest weather and travel information at the moment so they can make an informed decision about the conditions before they travel anywhere. Please also consider checking on older or vulnerable relatives and friends who may find it harder to cope during cold and wintry weather.”

If you have to make a journey during wintry weather, the council’s road safety team has the following advice:

  • Always drive to the conditions – slow right down and brake gently when road surfaces may have less grip.
  • Leave plenty of extra time to make your journey – ‘drive to arrive’ and don’t take unnecessary risks.
  • Make sure you allow time to clear your car of any snow before setting off, and remove ice from your windscreen and windows – don’t make travelling more treacherous by not having a good range of visibility or by snow sliding off your car onto the road and causing a hazard for other road users.
  • People may want to plan their route to avoid any steep hills in snowy or icy conditions – rear wheel drive cars in particular can struggle with traction when driving uphill.
  • If you skid on ice or snow, don’t brake and steer into the direction that the rear of your car is sliding.Most pavements and cycle paths in Norfolk are not gritted as standard (although there are 1,800 grit bins throughout the county stocked with salt for people to use

Most pavements and cycle paths in Norfolk are not gritted as standard (although there are 1,800 grit bins throughout the county stocked with salt for people to use on public spaces), so sometimes road surfaces may have more grip. Pedestrians and cyclists should also allow extra time for making journeys and wear shoes or boots with a thick tread.
People are also being asked to help each other by getting behind the County Council’s Norfolk Winter campaign, designed to help people in the county cope during the colder months. Regular gritting updates and other useful advice are posted on social media channels, using the #norfolkwinter hashtag on Twitter and on the Norfolk Facebook page ( Everyone in Norfolk is encouraged to share any information that may help keep people in the county safe when the weather is cold, icy or snowy.

Older people, very young children, pregnant women, those with long-term health conditions and people who live in poor quality housing or are homeless are particularly vulnerable during cold weather. While low temperatures themselves don’t usually directly make people ill, they can contribute to conditions that lead to illnesses including stroke and heart attack. Flu viruses are also more stable in cold air, making it easier for them to spread and leading to more cases of flu during the winter, which can be life-threatening to some vulnerable people.

Steps everyone can take to reduce the risk of older or vulnerable people falling ill include:
Ensuring their home is well-heated and insulated – living in cold, damp or mouldy rooms can affect your health. Heat your home, or at the very least the rooms you use regularly, to between 18 and 21°C.Making sure they’re dressing appropriately for the cold, wearing layers, moving around regularly if possible and eating hot meals and drinking hot drinks.

Making sure they’re dressing appropriately for the cold, wearing layers, moving around regularly if possible and eating hot meals and drinking hot drinks.
Checking that tasks like picking up prescriptions and buying food aren’t going undone because wintry weather is making it difficult for them to get out and about, and offer what support you can,Reducing their chance of falling over and resulting injury by strengthening muscles through exercise (a programme of sitting exercises can be found on the NHS website) and by having well-fitting footwear with

Reducing their chance of falling over and resulting injury by strengthening muscles through exercise (a programme of sitting exercises can be found on the NHS website) and by having well-fitting footwear with good grip on the sole – in both shoes and slippers.
Encouraging them to get the free flu jab if they are eligible for it – everyone aged 65 and over is offered the flu jab for free on the NHS, as are other ‘at risk’ groups.
For more information about keeping in good health during cold weather, visit Information on gritting, including a map of gritting routes and grit bin locations, can be found at For the latest weather warnings covering Norfolk, visit:

For political comment

Cllr Martin Wilby (Conservative) Chairman of the Environment, Development and Transport Committee, on 07920 286618 or 01379 741504
Cllr Jonathon Childs (UKIP) Vice Chair of the Environment, Development and Transport Committee, on 07899 037719 – text only
Cllr Terry Jermy (Labour) on 07742 157967
Cllr John Timewell (Liberal Democrat), on 07717 881857
Cllr Andrew Boswell (Green) on 07787 127881
For further information please contact:
Media Team at Norfolk County Council
Tel: 01603 228888

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RAF at Oulton 11th November 2016



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Oulton Parish Council Tuesday 13th December at 8.00 pm


Clerk: Mrs. J.H. Rogers,
Elmerdale Farmhouse, Oulton, Norfolk NR11 7DF. Telephone: 01263 584177

A Meeting of Oulton Parish Council will be held at
the Congregational Chapel on Tuesday 13th December at 8.00 pm


  1. Apologies
  2. Opportunity for members of the public to speak
  3. Declaration of Interests
  4. Minutes of the meeting held on 8th November
  5. Matters Arising
  6. Financial Matters including budget
  7. Any planning matters to hand
  8. Any other business
  9. Date of the next Meeting

J.H. Rogers,

Clerk to the Parish Council

All are welcome to attend the meeting

3rd December 2016

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Police Budget 2017/18 Consultation

The following is a Police Connect message.


Norfolk Police and Crime Commissioner Lorne Green would like your views before he sets the policing budget for 2017/18. 

An online survey can be found at

Please take the time to have your say between now and Friday 9 December.

Thank you

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Oulton Parish Council Meeting Minutes 15/10/16

MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF OULTON PARISH COUNCIL held at Malthouse Farm on Saturday 15th October 2016

1. Present: Mr. Paul Killingback, Mr. G. Peck, Mrs. S. Mather, Ms. A Shaw Apologies: Ms. N. Poole, Mr. A Nash

2. Minutes: The minutes of the last meeting will be dealt with at the November meeting.

3. Declarations of Interest: Mr. Killingback, Mrs. Mather and Ms. Shaw declared a non-prejudicial interest.

4. Planning Application 20161679 Provision of 2 Shipping Container Storage Units (6.06m long x 2.44m wide x 2.59m high) to be situated within the Courtyard area at the rear of the site at Malthouse Barn, The Street, Oulton for the National Trust. The Parish Council had no objection to this planning application provided the containers were situated as per the plan, well into the corners. This is to ensure access is not impeded. There will need to be some scrub clearance to enable to correct positioning.

8. Date of the next meeting: This will be held on Tuesday 8th November.

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Oulton Parish Council Meeting Minutes 27/09/16

MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF OULTON PARISH COUNCIL held at Oulton Congregational Chapel on Tuesday 27th September 2016

  1. Present: Mr Paul Killingback, Mr G Peck, Ms S Harrison, Mrs S Mather, Ms A Shaw, Ms N Poole, Mr A Nash.

     Apologies: Clerk to the council: Mrs J. H. Rogers.

Minutes at the meeting were taken by Mrs S Mather.

Mr Paul Killingback requested that Vice-Chair Mr G Peck chair the meeting. Also in attendance: Councillor Steven Riley & Councillor David Harrison.

  1. Declarations of Interest: Ms S Harrison, Mr G Peck, Mr A Nash & Mrs S Mather declared a non-prejudicial interest in item 5 as members of the National Trust. 
  1. Minutes of the last meeting held on 2nd August were approved and signed.
  1. Matters Arising: The potential loss of Oulton’s Polling Station was discussed. It was feared that, even though Oulton’s percentage turnout has been very high at recent elections, staffing costs might be used as a reason to close it. The PC felt that this was not in the interests of fostering democracy and was yet another loss of a rural service.  Cllr Riley volunteered that many local villages had nothing like the turnouts at Oulton and so it was agreed to write to the Head of Democratic Services protesting at the potential loss of our polling station and offering to host the polling of other nearby villages, if it were absolutely necessary to reduce costs.

Councillor David Harrison said there was nothing particular to report from County Hall and left the meeting.

Councillor Steven Riley reported that the devolution debate was still ongoing, and he offered to support the cause at BDC of keeping the polling station open.

  1. Planning Application number 20161485:

 Applicant: The National Trust:  –  Installation of five Pay & Display Machines in the Main car park at Blickling Hall (to replace existing) and new machines in Fisherman’s, Buck’s Common and Woodgate car parks: It was discussed and agreed that OPC would object to the machines in the three outlying car parks on the grounds that these smaller, informal car parks are mostly used by local people walking or jogging, with or without dogs, and that pay machines may well provoke avoidance parking. This would be particularly dangerous if cars started to park on the wide grassed areas at the junction of New Road with B1354.  These areas had been created several years ago, at the request of the Parish Council, expressly to gain better visibility at what is a notoriously dangerous junction.  The passing places along New Road could also become opportunistic parking areas and the introduction of the new multi-use tracks on the Blickling estate will be likely to produce an increase in parked cars.

It was also noted with regret that (although not a planning consideration) the introduction of pay-to-park in these informal car parks  – used almost exclusively by local people –  would fly sadly in the face of the historical significance of Buck’s (sometimes called “Oulton”) Common where in days gone by the inhabitants of Oulton not only walked freely but had wooding rights.

It was agreed to invite Helen Bailey from The National Trust to attend the next PC meeting to discuss.

  1. Financial Matters: Bills: 2 cheques made out to Norse for a total of £334.44, to cover the annual cycle of cutting grass at the playground.

Mr A Nash and Ms N Poole said the Box Day finances were not quite ready and will be discussed at the next meeting.

Mr A Nash also proposed that the Parish Council consider additional funding for Box Day by applying for a grant from ‘Celebrate England’ through the National Lottery. He suggested this would be a way of covering the costs of an enhanced photo update of the parish and other items to be decided. It was agreed in principle to apply, if it was thought that the PC were eligible.

  1. Footpaths: The public rights of way were discussed and members were asked about the current state of the footpaths in their part of the parish. It was agreed that the majority were in a reasonable state but some have not been walked for a while. It was agreed that in particular the footpath from New Road across to the Long Hollands wood should be walked soon by Ms Shaw & Mrs  Mather as Ms Harrison observed that one stretch of it is currently impassable. It was also noted that there were some signs that needed attention. Ms Shaw volunteered to organise a  Parish Footpath Walk next early spring,  as “paths are made by walking” and  several new residents in the parish may be unaware of their exact whereabouts. 
  1. Parish Partnership: Mrs S Mather, on behalf of the PC, had looked into the type and cost of ‘village gates’, with a view perhaps to installing them at either end of Oulton Street in an attempt to reduce traffic speeds. Edgefield has these gates and, from their Parish Council minutes, it appears that the project cost them £1700. This was 50% of the full cost, the rest being paid by Norfolk County Council. Mr G Peck said he had heard of other villages where they had speed monitors installed on loan to see how they worked. If successful in reducing speed, then the Parish Councils had approached local companies for sponsorship to help towards 50% of the £3000 total cost, the other 50% being met by Norfolk County Council. This idea was a possibility but it was felt that the village gates were a better option. At present, funding is an issue, this could be done by fund raising, and this will be reviewed at a later date.
  1. Any Other Business:

(i) Solarcentury have recently submitted a non-material amendment to their biodiversity management plan for the Solar Park:  App. No. 20161612. This statement appears in their application form:

“Please state why you wish to make this amendment:

Following tests after construction, our electrical contractor has recommended that no livestock or animals with small padded feet be allowed within the Park due to the potential risks from the plant. Consequentially, the additional option of managing grassland via vehicular cutting must be incorporated within the biodiversity management plan as an alternative to grazing.”

Councillors expressed their disappointment and surprise, since much store had been set by sheep-grazing during the Planning Committee meeting, with many BDC councillors feeling that this was an important argument  – put forward both by the landowner, Mr M. Harrold and by Solarcentury  –  to mitigate the loss of good agricultural land. The loss of good agricultural land was exactly the point at issue. It was proposed that Mr Harrold be contacted to explain precisely why it had been discovered so late in the day that sheep would be at risk from the plant and also to provide the PC with an update regarding the Community Fund.

(ii) Mr G Peck will attend the SNAP meeting in January.

(iii) Thefts: It was with sadness that it was reported that Oulton Street had been targeted by thieves in the early hours of Friday 23rd September and two households lost items from outbuildings. It was agreed that an email be sent to all residents informing them of the need to keep outbuildings secure.

(iv) Pot Holes: It was agreed to ask the Clerk to report potholes on Spinks Lane and to remind Highways of the urgent need to repair the holes reported previously at the junction of New Road with the Blickling-Saxthorpe road.

(v) Mrs N Poole  submitted a letter of resignation with immediate effect; this was read out by Mr Peck. All present were sad to see her go and thanked her for all her work during her time as a Parish Councillor. Amongst many other things, the PC will struggle to replace her sterling work on the PC website.

  1. NEXT MEETING: Tuesday 8th November 8pm

Mr G Peck submitted his apologies in advance.

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RAF to return to Oulton and Blickling!

Dear Residents,

This afternoon I had a very interesting telephone call from a Flt Lt Baldwin 18(B) Sqn, RAF Odiham.

He informed me that representatives of the above squadron will be laying a wreath at the RAF memorial in Oulton at 09.00 on 11th November. This event is prior to a much larger Remembrance Parade in front of Blickling Hall from 10.00 until 11.05. The Squadron will then move to Blickling Church for a brief laying-up service for the retired Squadron Standard, which is to remain in Blickling Church.

The smaller event at Oulton is part of their 70th squadron anniversary and is important as they were based at Oulton during the war. I have been told that the Squadron Commander, Wg Cdr Glenn Cole would love to see as many members of the local community as possible. You are therefore invited to join us in attending this symbolic event.

This event is in addition to the usual village service, organised by Chris Lambert, at the memorial on Remembrance Sunday 13th, at 10.45, to which you are also invited to attend. As a village with a real reminder of wartime sacrifice around us, I feel that this event and others like it remains an important point in the yearly life of the village. I would urge to to try and attend one or both of these events.

Thank you.
Paul Killingback
Oulton Parish Council

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Meeting of Oulton Parish Council Congregational Chapel on Tuesday 8th November at 8.00 pm

Meeting of Oulton Parish Council Congregational Chapel on Tuesday 8th November at 8.00 pm

Clerk: Mrs. J.H. Rogers, Elmerdale Farmhouse, Oulton, Norfolk NR11 7DF.
Telephone: 01263 584177
A Meeting of Oulton Parish Council will be held at the Congregational Chapel on Tuesday 8th November at 8.00 pm


1. Apologies
2. Co-option of new member
3. Opportunity for members of the public to speak
4. Declaration of Interests
5. Minutes of the meeting held on 27th September and 15th October
6. Matters Arising
7. Financial Matters
8. Any planning matters to hand including:

  • Non material amendment to the Solar Park regarding grazing
  • National Trust Pay and Display Charges

9. Any other business
10. Date of the next Meeting

J.H. Rogers,

Clerk to the Parish Council

2nd November 2016
All are welcome to attend the meeting

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Minutes (Unsigned) August 2016

MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF OULTON PARISH COUNCIL held at Oulton Congregational Chapel on Tuesday 2nd August 2016
1. Present: Mr. Paul Killingback, Mr. G. Peck, Ms. S. Harrison, Mrs. S. Mather, Ms. A Shaw, Mr. A Nash
Apologies: Ms. N. Poole
Also attending were 3 parishioners and 3 members of the Harrold family
2. Minutes: The minutes of the meeting held on the 21st June were signed and approved. Mrs. Mather’s name had been omitted from the previous minutes and would be added.
3. Declarations of Interest: Mr. Killingback, Mrs. Mather and Ms. Shaw declared a non-prejudicial interest in item 4.
4. Matters Arising: There was no further news about the bench near the pond. As far as the Chapel is concerned the National Trust are about to issue a lease on a piece of land adjoining the chapel.
5. Planning Application 20161115 Erection of Farm Office, Street Farm, The Street, Oulton. The Chairman adjourned the Parish Council meeting to give the applicants and members of the public the opportunity to comment. Mr. Christopher Harrold explained that the present office at Docking farm was only just adequate and was off-site and it would be more efficient to have the office at the hub of operations. He stated that this would not lead to an increase in traffic. The farm gateway near the pond would be opened every day for the use of the office staff, but the applicants stated that this gateway was often open in any case, especially at busy times in order to facilitate a one-way traffic system in the farmyard. Mr. Harrold thought, despite comments to the contrary, that this exit would have better visibility for HGVs and tractors. The new office building will cause the loss of the RAF building alongside the road but there was a feeling from parishioners that this building has heritage significance and should be retained. Mr. Harrold stated that the weighbridge was only for the farm and would not be a public weighbridge.
Mr. Lambert very much regretted the possible loss of the RAF building and asked that the applicant look at options to avoid destroying it.
The Chairman reopened the Parish Council meeting. The councillors felt that it was irrelevant that the RAF building was in disrepair and that the
Planning Officer should have known of its historic importance. Mr. Nash worried that the asbestos in the old building was an environmental risk. Councillors requested that a planning condition should be made that the pond gateway was to be used only as an entrance and not an exit. They also suggested there should be discreet downlighting and that (should the RAF building be demolished) the new office building be screened with a hedge. Councillors understood and accepted the need for an office on the site; however they objected to the plan as it stands and thought that the Planning Officer should reconsider, bearing in mind the historic interest of the RAF building. It was felt that there was enough space in the farmyard simply to re-position the new office a few metres back into the yard, thus obviating the need to demolish the RAF building.
On a motion to object to the application in its current form, there were 5 councillors in favour and 1 against.
6. Financial Matters: Two cheques were signed, one for £88.20 to Playsafety for inspecting the playground; the second to Indigo Waste for £19.20 for the collection of glass. The Clerk received £20 in cash from Mr. Dunford for two years’ allotment rent.
7. Any Other Business: Speed Limits: Mr. Lambert and Mr. Dunford had both mentioned that the speed limit in The Street was often ignored and suggested that the 30mph sign could be fixed to a white fence, similar to the one in Edgefield. The Chairman thought it was possible that we could apply to Broadland DC to take part in the Parish Partnership which would help to pay for a similar sign. He and Mrs. Mather would look into the matter.
The Clerk was asked to inform NCC Highways about bad potholes in Church Lane, on the bend near the Keeper’s Cottage in the Heydon Road and in New Road.
8. Date of the next meeting:This will be held on Tuesday 27th September.

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