8 AUGUST 2017 agenda

8 AUGUST 2017 notice

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2016-17 PAYMENTS OVER £100

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27 June 2017 meeting agenda

27 JUNE 2017 agenda

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2017 – 2018

16 MAY 2017 annual meeting

27 JUNE 2017

8 August 2017

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BOX DAY 2017

Dear Villagers,
We are busy preparing for the village Box Day event on Saturday 17th June at 3pm.
There will be the traditional fun and games, great story telling in the story yurt and music to dance to.
There will be food a plenty and we look forward to seeing yet more amazing cakes and treats created by you talented village folk.
Don’t forget if you can make something – anything for under a fiver, then bring it along and leave it in the marquee to be judged by our panel. There will be four aged categories, but no other restrictions as long as it didn’t cost more than a fiver to make and you made it in Oulton! So get creating and making, we look forward to seeing the results of you talented lot!
We could do with a little help serving refreshments in the marquee throughout the day. If you can spare a small amount of time to help out, it would be very much appreciated. If you can email Nicola on n.earle@me.com to let us know, that would be great.
All we need now are you wonderful villagers to come along and the weather! What more could Oulton wish for? Oh – and don’t forget your BBQ food.
We really look forward to seeing you all there for a very special and unique village day.

The Nash and Poole families


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Veterans of RAF 100 Group

On Saturday the 13th May the village of Oulton once again proudly welcomed back the veterans of RAF 100 Group and their families.

The usual afternoon tea and cakes were presented, followed by a short ceremony at the memorial. In addition, this year they were joined by current serving members of the USAF and RAF, standing proudly side by side at Oulton as they did 73 years before.Whilst ill health keep a few of ‘our’ veterans away, four did make it – including, for the first time, one from the USA.

Whilst ill health keep a few of ‘our’ veterans away, four did make it – including, for the first time, one from the USA.  Our veterans from left to right in the picture are: –

Our veterans from left to right in the picture are: -Major Rafael E Ramos (36th EWS. USAAF.)

  • Major Rafael E Ramos (36th EWS. USAAF.)
  • Andrew Barron (223 Sqn)
  • Stan Forsyth (DFC 192 Sqn)

Phil James MBE (192 Sqn)Shown together with serving members of  the RAF from Marham and the USAF 36th EW Sqn, Eglin Airbase Florida.

Shown together with serving members of  the RAF from Marham and the USAF 36th EW Sqn, Eglin Airbase Florida.

Despite the passage of time, RAF Oulton remains an important site and place for families and historians to visit and the village is keen to welcome them always. The afternoon concluded with a fly past by a vintage aircraft that proved an emotional finale for many.

We will remember them!

Veterans 100 from May 2017 at Oulton Street, Norfolk, UK.

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Oulton Parish Council ANNUAL VILLAGE MEETING – TUESDAY 16TH MAY 2017 at 8pm

Oulton Parish Council
invites you to the
To be held on TUESDAY 16TH MAY 2017 at 8pm in the

Please come along and hear what your Parish Council have been doing over the past year and listen to reports from speakers from the National Trust, local District Councillors and the Church.

  1. WelcomebytheChairman
  2. Apologies for absence.
  3. Presentation by National Trust
  4. Questions to the National Trust
  5. Annual Report of the Chairman of Oulton Parish Council
  6. Annual Reports from the Police, District Councillors, County Councillor, the Church
  7. Residents’questions and any other business

Note that National Trust representatives will be presenting their proposals for the development of a caravan, camping and timber lodge holiday site with associated infrastructure on land around Middle Farm, off the Aylsham-Saxthorpe road. The PC is keen that as many parishioners attend as possible to share their views on this significant development for the village and its surroundings.

So come along and meet your friends and neighbours and find out what is going on in your village. Refreshments will be served!

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OULTON PARISH COUNCIL MINUTES held at Oulton Chapel on Tuesday 4th April 2017

MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF OULTON PARISH COUNCIL held at Oulton Chapel on Tuesday 4th April 2017

  1. Present: Mr. Paul Killingback, Mrs. S. Mather, Mr. A. Nash, Ms. A. Shaw, Mr. A. Windross, Ms. Harrison. Apologies: Mr. G. Peck, Mr. S. Riley BDC Councillor. In attendance: Mr. D. Harrison, Norfolk County Councillor
  2. Minutes: The minutes of the meeting held on 28th February 2017 were approved and signed.
  3. Declarations of Interest: There were no Declarations of Interest
  4. Opportunities for Members of the Public to speak: Councillor David Harrison had no County Council matters to report as everything is in abeyance until the election takes place on the 4th May. He had attended a meeting of Burgh and Tuttington Parish Council regarding traffic problems caused by the transportation of maize to the Scottow AD. Ms. Shaw and Mrs. S. Mather also attended.
  5. Matters Arising from the Minutes: (i) The Chairman and members of the Parish Council had held a meeting with Mr. Mayes of Norfolk County Council regarding the B.1354 (since the downgrading in 2005 now the C.593) near Oulton Lodge. It was agreed that “Road Narrows” signs would be installed and the word “Slow” would be painted on the road. The Parish Council have to pay half the cost amounting to approximately £200 and would have to make a bid. Positions had been agreed for speed awareness monitors (SAM) and it would maybe be possible to borrow them from Aylsham or Cawston. The question of village gateways would be taken up with Mr. Mayes. (ii) Noise from nearby buildings: A resident in the Street had reported noise coming from the agricultural building, possibly Bernard Matthews. This had occurred on the 30/31st March at approximately 2300 hours. (iii) New Clerk: The Chairman and Mr. Windross would be interviewing an applicant on the 11th April. (iv) Broadband – Mr. Windross would keep up the pressure to try and improve services.
  6. Financial Matters: One cheque was signed for £89.68 made out to the Norfolk Association of Local Councils for the Parish Council’s annual subscription. The Clerk reported that there was a total of £3,307.64 in the Village Fund account; the Community Account stood at £110.22 and the Business Premium Account stood at £3,982.81.
  7. Planning Matters: There were no planning applications to hand.
  8. Grantscape: Ms. Shaw had been investigating the possible items for grants. At present it is not clear how much money was available, however if the sum available is divided between Oulton and Cawston, then £5,000 should be available. Priority will be given to three new noticeboards costing somewhere between £2,500 and £3,000. The second item to be put forward was an information board near the crossroads in Oulton Street opposite the war memorial with a site map of the airfield and an explanation about the wartime RAF site. The approximate cost would be £2,000. The third possibility was one or two picnic benches for the playground and replacement playground equipment.
  9. Any Other Business: The Chairman had received an email from a resident regarding a perceived increased frequency of shots during the game season, night shooting and excessive shooting during consecutive Saturdays since the end of the fame season in February. The chairman told the meeting that we would contact the landowners asking for clarification particularly regarding the post season shooting.
  10. Date of the next meeting: The AGM of the Parish Council will take place at 7pm on Tuesday 16th May, followed by the ANNUAL VILLAGE MEETING at 8pm to which all parishioners are cordially invited.
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Appointment of Lloyd Mills – Parish Clerk

From Paul Killingback.

Following an interview meeting this morning I have asked Lloyd Mills to become our new Parish Clerk. I am pleased to say that Lloyd has accepted and is keen to get the handover started as soon as possible. Thank you also to Andy Windross for assisting in the process.”
I wish to record here once more my thanks to Jacinth for her dedicated hard work over the last 22 years as clerk to OPC and look forward to working with Lloyd and the rest of the PC team to ensure that Oulton Parish remains an important and effective body as has been proven over the last 4 or 5 years.
I have asked Lloyd to contact Jacinth directly to arrange handover work and we will be working to ensure that Lloyd’s first meeting – the AGM and Village Meeting on 16th May – is efficiently managed and produced.
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