Planning Appeal meeting 9 April – Proposed AD Plant Oulton airfield

The Chair, two Parish Councillors and a number of parishioners attended the planning appeal meeting on Wednesday 9 April 2014 held at Broadland District Council(BDC) offices. Also in attendance were 5 representatives for the Appellant and 4 from BDC. The Inspector spent a great deal of time reviewing a number of aspects, seeking clarification on the types of crop, the AD process, odour, transport, impact on the area, potential noise and the draft Section 106 traffic agreement to protect the northern part of Oulton Street.

During the discussions the Inspector allowed all those present to make comments – from the public as well as the main parties. The Parish Council and the BDC team were able to voice their concerns on the proposed development and to, where necessary, challenge the applicants on key aspects of their application. Strong arguments were made by the PC on the unsuitability of the road leading to the site from the Holt road for which the PC’s own traffic modelling software had provided evidence of potentially dangerous situations occurring during the harvest period. Furthermore, it was acknowledged by the applicants at this meeting that the harvest period could be extended with the use of grass and other crops which would be outside of the maize harvesting period.

The other key argument was on the loss of amenity impact for local residents and specifically the Railway Gatehouse cottage – technical arguments between the noise analysts on both sides provided the Inspector with differing views on the potential effects around the site should this development proceed. The owner of the Railway Gatehouse cottage was also present and able to inform the Inspector of her feelings and the true impact of this proposed development on her situation.

Following a break for lunch, the Inspector visited the existing Future Biogas AD site in Taverham to observe the workings of the plant and then held a meeting at the proposed Oulton site. The PC was again represented and was able to provide further background information in conjunction with the BDC and the applicants. The Inspector then walked from the site down the whole length of the C263 approach road to the B1149 Holt Road junction – checking with the plans where proposed passing places were to be established and seeking clarification from the Highways representative on technical issues. Some time was spent at the Holt Road junction where the speeds of passing traffic was observed and discussions on visibility occurred. The group then walked back to the proposed site and there being no further questions the meeting concluded.

The PC was very impressed with the way the Inspector conducted the events of the day but obviously have no idea what the likely decision will be. It is also not clear when the Inspector will make a decision on this matter – the process states a maximum timeframe of 26 weeks from the start date. This would take us to 7 August 2014, but we are hopeful that this matter will be determined before then. We will of course keep you informed.

Paul Killingback


Oulton Parish Council

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Notice of forthcoming Election for the European Parliament

An election will be held on 22nd May 2014 for your European Parliamentary representatives.  More details can be found here:

Notice of Election


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Minutes from March 2014 Parish Council Meeting

For those of you looking for an update on PC matters, here are the minutes from the last Parish Council meeting held on 18th March 2014



held on Tuesday 18th March 2014


1.   Present:    Mr. P. Killingback,  Mr. S. Booker,  Mr. A. Nash, Mr. G. Peck, Ms. N. Poole, Ms. A. Shaw.

Apologies:    Mr. D. Harrison, Mr. S. Riley

In attendance:   Mr. Nigel Perring and Mr. Stephen-Molineux-Wilkes of Lumicity Ltd;  5 Oulton parishioners


2.    Declarations of Interest:   Mr. Killingback, Mr. Booker and Ms. Shaw declared an interest in the Planning Application 20140335 (Biomass Boilers for Bernard Matthews) as living nearest to the development but completed the application form for Dispensation.


3.   Minutes:    Minutes of the meeting held on the 11th February were approved and signed.


4.   Matters Arising:   Following on from the report that road near the Old Rectory was in a bad state, it was also mentioned that the section of Hall Road between Ship’s Cottage and the Church Farm crossroads was partially flooded and had very deep potholes.   The Clerk was asked to contact NCC and see whether anything could be done to remedy the matter.


5.   Planning Applications:  The formal response to the AD in Oulton Street had been made to the Planning Inspectorate and the hearing would take place on the 9th April.   Members of the public were invited to attend.

Application 20140266  for single storey side extension extension at Irmingland Hall – members of the Parish Council held a site meeting and voted to support the application.

Application 20140335 for 6 Biomass Boilers and Fuel Stores (Re-submission) at Oulton Airfield for Bernard Matthews Ltd.   The Chairman closed the Parish Council Meeting to give Mr. Nigel Perring MRICS and Mr. Stephen Molineux-Wilkes and opportunity to speak on behalf of Lumicity Ltd who would be installing the boilers and to take questions from the floor.   (See separate notes attached to these minutes).

The meeting was reconvened and it was felt that the position on emissions and traffic had been clarified.   A section 106 condition should be put in place to prevent Oulton Street from the Blickling Road being used for deliveries and the working hours should be 0830 to 1730 – there should be no night time deliveries.   This was put to the vote and unanimously agreed.


6.   Financial Matters: A cheque was signed for £326.00 to Mrs. J.H. Rogers being her half yearly salary of £320.00 plus £6.00 for stamps.


7.   Any Other Business:   (i)  Allotment – Simon Dunford had reported that brick rubble and corrugated iron sheets had suddenly appeared on their allotment.   The Parish Council knew nothing about this and it rather looked as if they had been flytipped.   The Chairman would investigate further.

(ii)   The Clerk reported that Blickling had lost its polling station.   Although there was no threat to the one at Oulton at the moment, it was possible it would be closed if insufficient people used it.

(iii)           World War I – The PCC were hoping to do something.   It was pointed out that grants of up to £500 were available from BDC.

(iv)           Stephen Jefford had asked the Clerk on behalf of the PCC if it were possible to share information on newcomers to the village.   The Parish Council saw no reason why this shouldn’t happen.

(v)   Ms. Shaw reported on the presentation in Aylsham Town Hall on a potential AD on the outskirts of Aylsham.   She had attended the meeting with other parishioners.   It would seem that if the AD went ahead there would have to be a right turn lane at the Banningham/A140 junction.  The AD would be the same size as that proposed for Oulton and would be on a site near the Police Station.   The presentation was on the basis that it was a consultation and not a formal planning application.


10.   Date  of the next Meetings:   This will be held on Tuesday 29th April 2014.

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Mobile Library

The mobile library will be visiting Oulton Street on the following dates.  Its scheduled to be with us between 10:30am and 10:50am.

17th April

15th May

12th June

10th July

7th August

4th September

2nd October

30th October

27th November

22nd January


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Oil Buying Club

Something not planning related for a change…

Some residents of the village have been using an oil club to get a better price on their fuel.

You can read all about it and join up at

There isn’t currently a local Oulton group but if you join the Corpusty group then the savings will still apply.

Give it a try and sorry we couldn’t have let you know about this BEFORE the winter instead of just as we are coming out of it…!


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Parish Council Response to Appeal No. 2212257: Anaerobic Digester Planning Application

Please find below the full written response from Oulton Parish council to the Anaerobic digester appeal.  This was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate on Wednesday 12th March.

Do let us know if you have any questions on any of this!

Appeal No.2212257 Oulton PC Response

And the appendices….

APPENDIX 1 – Copys Green Farm

Appendix 2-Qila Energy

Appendix 3-Maps 1 & 2

Appendix 4- sample routes

APPENDIX 5 – Accident Record

APPENDIX 6-Traffic Modelling Analysis

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Planning application 20140335 – 6 Biomass Boilers and Fuel Stores at Oulton Airfield for Bernard Matthews.

The Parish Council has received details of the re-submission of the above application. The original application last year was temporarily withdrawn pending the production of an updated Air Quality Assessment Report.

This having been received, the Parish Council has already raised a number of issues with the applicant/agent via Broadland District Council (BDC). We have asked for answers to these points before our next Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 18th March 2014, at The Old Congregational Chapel at 8pm, when the PC will be discussing the matter.

The PC invites all parishioners to this meeting in order to ascertain their views and to share the information we have. It is hoped that a representative from the agent acting on behalf of the applicant will also be present in order to answer questions from both parishioners and the Parish Council.

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Parish Council Meeting Agendas 2014

Agenda – April 2014

Agenda – March 2014




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Easter activities for kids

Spring is nearly upon us and although Easter is late this year, the school holidays are not far away…

Booking is now open for Tots2Teens activities in the surrounding area during the Easter and May holidays.

The brochure is available to download from the BDC website

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Planning Application: 6 No. Biomass Boilers & Fuel Stores (Re-Submission) – Application no. 20140335

The Parish Council has received notification from Broadland District Council of the resubmission by Bernard Matthews  for 6 Biomass Boilers on their site located on Oulton Airfield.

The application number is 20140335 and further documentation can be found here.

The Biomass boilers will be used to heat their existing turkey sheds and will replace the LPG system they currently have.

You are invited to submit any comments to the planning officer at Broadland District Council by 22nd March 2014.

The Parish Council would very much like to hear your views too so if you have any queries or concerns please post them here or email

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