Comet Lovejoy spotted from Oulton dark night sky

David Jackson, an Oulton resident, has been looking skyward at the amazing sights that can be seen above on these dark nights. He took an amazing image on 18th January from Owl Observatory…(Monks cottage) and has provided a description of what it is you will be able to see and a very handy finder chart to help you look in the right direction. (Click on link Lovejoy2_BW below the image to access the finder chart.) Look south, high in the sky to the right of, and above the Plaiedes….then check the chart. Make the most of our amazing dark skies around Oulton to discover what’s out there! Thank you David.

The comet is named as C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy) , being one of several comets discovered by Lovejoy in Australia.
Best viewed through binoculars, and slowly fading now.
The green colour is due to diatomic carbon.
You will need dark skies free from light pollution to see the comet, which we have in Oulton, thankfully!

Comet Lovejoy 2015 Jan18Lovejoy2_BW

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Message from The Bank Manager.

Apologies to all parishioners who have tried to make a deposit in the Bottle Bank in The Street over the last couple of weeks and found it completely full. The delay in emptying by the contractor was due to the busy time of year and a number of technical issues.

I am happy to confirm that the Bank has now been emptied and so once again urge all parishioners to recommence making deposits as usual. The Bank provides a valuable income to the Parish Council and even though it is possible to put glass in household recycling bins, I hope you will continue to use the Bottle Bank.

Thank you.

The Bank Manager

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Minutes January 2015

held on Tuesday 13th January 2015

1. Present: Mr. P. Killingback, Mrs. S. Mather, Mr. A. Nash, Mr. G. Peck, Ms. N. Poole, Ms. A. Shaw.
In attendance: Councillor David Harrison (BDC & NCC), Councillor Steve Riley

2. Minutes: The minutes of the meeting held on the the 18th November were approved and signed although Councillor Steve Riley’s attendance had been missed.

3. Declarations of Interest: There were no declarations of interest.

4. Councillor David Harrison reported on the NCC budget.

5. Councillor Riley reported on the BDC budget which goes to the full Council next week.

6. Matters Arising: Bottle Bank – the Chairman presented figures showing that if the Parish Council changed the bottle collection to Indigo it could be worth an extra £56 whereas the potential sum from Berrymans (the present contractor) was only £23. The Chairman would contact both NCC and BDC and had already spoken to both Indigo indicating our interest and Berrymans to inform them we were changing contractors.

7. Planning Applications: There were no planning applications to hand.
Aylsham AD Plant – Alison Shaw reported on her attendance at the BDC Planning committee on the 17th December 2014, when the application for an Anaerobic Digester at Aylsham was decisively refused on the grounds of potential highway dysfunction close to the site and on the wider highway network. Cllr. Harrison observed that the application would probably return as an appeal and Ms. Shaw commented that, since Aylsham Town Council had voted to object to the application and had expanded on this objection at the Planning Committee, she hoped that they were even now considering how they would respond to such an appeal, were it to be submitted. She reminded Cllr. Harrison that, once an appeal is registered, the time available for submitting a response is very short.

8. CPRE Light Pollution Survey: The Parish Council looked at the survey and asked the Clerk to fill it in and return to the CPRE.

9. Financial Matters: The Clerk reported that the Oulton Village Fund contained the sum of £3274 and the Oulton Box Day account contained £771.26. £154 had recently been paid in.
There were no cheques to sign.

10. Any Other Business: (i) The Pond at the southern end of Oulton Street has cleared of overhanging and submerged trees and the surrounding area has been landscaped. The Clerk was asked to write to Christopher Harrold, thanking him. A kingfisher had been seen and photographed and the photo would be put on the website.
(ii) Andy Nash would like to take an allotment and the Clerk would bring an agreement for him to sign.

11. Date of the next meeting: This will be held on Tuesday 24th February.

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Kingfisher spotted on Boxing Day

Christmas Kingfisher

A Christmas treat

This beautiful photo of a kingfisher was taken on Boxing Day by Oulton Street resident, Ksynia Marko, from her bedroom window. The kingfisher was perched on a branch close to the road, overlooking the pond at the southern end of The Street. It is no doubt appreciating the improved view of the inhabitants of the pond, created by the clearing of overhanging and submerged trees, and landscaping of the immediate area, recently carried out by Christopher Harrold. We look forward to watching how the pond and surrounding area evolve, as it all settles down over the next few months.

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Agenda January 2015

Clerk: Mrs. J.H. Rogers,
Elmerdale Farmhouse, Oulton, Norfolk NR11 7DF.
Telephone: 01263 584177
A meeting of the Parish Council will be held at Oulton
Congregational Chapel on Tuesday 13th January at 8.00pm
1. Apologies
2. Minutes of the meeting held on 18th November 2014
3. Declaration of Interests
4. Any planning applications to hand
5. Any other business including CPRE Light Pollution
8. Date of next meeting
J.H. Rogers 4th January 2015
Clerk to the Parish Council
All are welcome to attend the meeting

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Minutes November 2014

held on Tuesday 18th November 2014

1. Present: Mr. P. Killingback, Mrs. S. Mather, Mr. A. Nash, Mr. G. Peck, Ms. N. Poole, Ms. A. Shaw.
In attendance: Councillor David Harrison (BDC & NCC)

2. Minutes: The minutes of the meeting held on the the 7th October were approved and signed.

3. Declarations of Interest: There were no declarations of interest.

4. Councillor David Harrison reported that the planning application for the AD at Aylsham would not be put to the Planning committee at its next meeting as there were possible problems with drainage into the river Bure.

5. Matters Arising: (i) Broadband – Sam Booker had been speaking to neighbouring parishes about Wispire and was pursuing different avenues including BT OpenReach.
(ii) NT Cottages – An answer had been received from Andrew Dawson stating that the cottages in Oulton would not be rented out as holiday cottages once they had been renovated.
(iii) Bottle Bank – the Chairman and Susan Mather had attended BDC’s Parish Forum where the new system of recycling was discussed. At present the glass is collected by Berryman’s on behalf of BDC who then pay each Parish Council once a service charge has been deducted. It would appear that Indigo pay a higher rate and would therefore seem to be a better option. The main question was would there be sufficient tonnage of glass to make it worthwhile for the Parish to run their own bottle banks and claim the money back from Indigo via Norfolk County Council. It was decided that parishioners should be asked to keep using the bottle bank rather than recycling glass through their own rubbish bins and and an email would be sent to each parishioner explaining that by using the bottle bank they could ensure that the parish precept is kept as low as possible. It was decided that initially the Parish should sign up to Indigo for a period of twelve months.

6. Planning Applications: There were no planning applications to hand.

7. Financial Matters: 1 cheque was signed for the poppy wreath for Remembrance Day £25 made out to Paul Killingback.
The Clerk had received the accounts back from Mr. Nash.
The Clerk presented a budget and on the basis of the budget it was decided unanimously that the precept should be kept at last year’s level of £2,300.

8. Date of the next meeting: This will be held on Tuesday 13th January.

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Glass Recycling

Dear Residents

As you are all probably aware,  with effect from 1st October 2014 you are now encouraged by Broadland District Council (BDC) to recycle more household waste in the recycling wheelie bins. Items now allowed include glass jars and bottles that previously had to be placed in dedicated bottle banks such as the one in The Street, Oulton.

As a result of this change, BDC will no longer be supporting the existing bottle bank scheme with effect from 1st April 2015, and it is likely therefore to be removed.

Oulton Parish Council is concerned about this change as the glass recycled in the bottle bank currently provides a valuable income to our Parish. The Parish Council are therefore considering taking over the administration of the bottle bank scheme and maintaining income.

The Parish Council would therefore ask that you continue to use the bottle bank in The Street rather than placing glass in your wheelie bins. Whilst this may not be as convenient for residents, the Parish Council members hope that you will agree that maintaining an income for the parish is vitally important.  This will also help the Parish Council keep the council tax precept as low as possible.

Thank you for your support.

Paul Killingback

Chair, Oulton Parish Council

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The Street welcomes some new arrivals.

New arrivals

During the past few weeks two new couples have moved into The Street, and they were introduced to one another at the Remembrance Service.

On the left are Linda and Gordon Fryett from The School House and on the right Anne and Roy Butler from The Barn.  We welcome them all and wish them many happy years in Oulton.

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Oulton Remembrance Service

At almost eleven on Sunday 8th November many residents of Oulton met at the war memorial for a short Service of Remembrance.


The service was sensitively led by Chris Lambert and The Last Post and Reveille were beautifully played by George Jefford.


After their names had been read out by Sue Hall, crosses were added to those of RAF Oulton for each of the Oulton parishioners who gave their lives in the two great wars.


Wreaths were laid by Kim Barwick on behalf of RAF 100 Group Association and by Susan Mather for Oulton Parish Council.


The Service ended with a reading by Paul Killingback of the emotive poem In Flanders Fields.

IMG_4326webIn Flanders Fields

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Getting Oulton Online

Amazingly there are still some houses in Oulton which are unable to get a broadband connection to access the Internet at all.  Even for those of us who can get a connection it can be painfully slow.  Many of the activities the rest of the country take for granted like watching BBC iplayer or talking with their family on Skype are just impossible.

Some of the residents worst effected are currently looking at an alternative solution provided by a company called Wispire (  This would provide a wireless solution broadcasting from the top of the church.  At this stage we need 25 residents to express an interest  in order to get the ball rolling and get into the technicalities of how it would work (we’ve got 16 so far!).  You can sign up without commitment at the website (make sure to register your interest for Oulton!).

Please also let your neighbours who can’t get online know as those are the people this could potentially help most.  Anyone suffering from slow or intermittent connection would benefit too.  Even for those of you with a usable connection it might well be of interest as it may offer a viable alternative to BT and potentially be much more easily upgradable in terms of capacity and speed in the future.  As we’ve found out over the last few years trying to persuade BT to lay new cables isn’t easy!

Please do take a couple of minutes to have a look at the website and register your interest.

Any queries please contact and do let me know if you have registered your interest so I can keep you informed of progress.


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